Dr. Drew’s “Lifechangers” Challenge

Jennifer, a young and lovely mother of two beautiful daughters was unemployed and despondent due to her severely deteriorated teeth and smile due to an early motorbike accident and eventual spiraling neglect.

This led to gross decay, gum infections, tooth infections and the need for a team of specialists to bring Jen’s health, smile and self esteem back to a state where she could feel healthy, good about herself to go out and get a job, take care of her daughters and even feel attractive as a woman.

Her treatment took over one year and involved extractions, root canals, gum treatments and dental implants. I assembled my team of laboratory artisans, anesthesiologist, root canal specialist and oral surgeon to take on this major task.

My role was not only to assemble and lead this team but to provide this plan and to ultimately create the dental restorations that would give Jen’s health and smile back to normal. My great team’s role was to help establish a sound foundation for my restorative work.

Please enjoy this transformation that exemplifies that hope is never gone and that with hard work, team effort and compassion, more than a smile can be restored.

Jen is now smiling in health, a better role model for her family and employed with a new following of loving and supportive friends.

Jen is also an inspiration to those suffering from dental diseases leading to emotional deterioration that can lead to the sense of hopelessness. Jen overcame her dilemma by recognizing that there were people that might be willing to help and that she would pay forward to others if given a chance.

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