Dental Hygiene

Just 61.7% of American adults visited the dentist in the past year, meaning that many people do not receive the twice annual dental hygiene visits recommended by the American Dental Association. This failure to maintain proper dental hygiene can have far-reaching consequences. Poor dental hygiene leads to tooth decay, gum disease, cosmetic flaws, and even loss of teeth. Visiting Dr. Laurence Rifkin will restore your trust in dental providers and keep your teeth safe. Dr. Rifkin is an experienced cosmetic dentist who has treated more than 70,000 patients and he oversees a team considered to be among the best dental hygienists Beverly Hills has to offer.

Why Receive Dental Hygiene Services from a Cosmetic Dentist

As a cosmetic dentist, Dr. Rifkin has completed advanced schooling and clinical training to prepare him to address the aesthetic aspects of dental medicine. While a regular dentist is capable of performing basic dental hygiene work, Dr. Rifkin goes above and beyond to ensure his patients have a comfortable and positive experience. He has created a luxurious, one-of-a-kind dental retreat to ensure the privacy, comfort, and satisfaction of all of his patients.

Dr. Rifkin’s experience as a cosmetic dentist means that he is specially trained to note tiny dental hygiene issues that may turn into larger health problems. Upon spotting a problem, a regular dentist must refer patients to a specialist like Dr. Rifkin for follow-up care. By visiting Dr. Rifkin directly for dental hygiene work, he is able to maintain a seamless experience for his patients. Dr. Rifkin emphasizes the importance of prevention of dental problems through good oral hygiene practices and professional dental cleanings. Furthermore, he will recommend follow-up cosmetic procedures as appropriate for your dental needs and expectations. Not only does he assess dental health, but he also spots signs of gum disease or oral cancer in their earliest stages.

What to Expect from a Dental Hygiene Appointment with Dr. Rifkin

Upon arriving to Dr. Rifkin’s 12th-story Beverly Hills office, you will be greeted by a cozy, retreat-like waiting area. We offer every amenity you desire as well as private treatment suites to ensure your privacy. This is part of our exclusive Rifkin Method of dental medicine, ensuring a top notch patient experience from

At your first visit, Dr. Rifkin will carefully examine all aspects of your mouth: teeth, jaw, and soft tissue. He will assess your bite to ensure there are no problems with jaw alignment. Additionally, a complete set of x-rays will be obtained to rule out any structural problems with teeth. Dr. Rifkin takes the time to explain his findings to you and make appropriate recommendations as needed.

To clean your teeth, Dr. Rifkin believes in using the latest theories and technologies to manage dental disease. He consistently invests in his own continuing education to ensure that he offers patients the best available techniques. Furthermore, Dr. Rifkin believes in educating patients and empowering them to maintain their own dental health. He can discuss dietary considerations, best practices for brushing or flossing, and interventions to maximize dental health. His ultimate goal is to help patients maintain their natural dentition or find natural, attractive alternatives whenever possible.

"I had moderate to severe periodontal disease after years of neglect. My gums started to recede. I got in to see the dental hygienist as fast as I could when I noticed this. I knew I needed the best dental hygienist Beverly Hills could provide. I'm so glad I found Dr. Rifkin office! They saved my teeth, gums, and helped me learn and maintain proper oral hygiene. BEST DENTAL HYGIENIST EVER!"

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