The Educator

Leadership, aesthetic mastery, and an impeccable record of performance are only a few of the qualities that make Laurence Rifkin, DDS, a popular and well-respected industry educator.

Dr. Rifkin, The Educator

Dr. Rifkin’s expansive and generous spirit lends him quite naturally to the role of educator, and as such he takes pride in being a gateway to the enhanced clinical excellence of other doctors.

Some think of Dr. Laurence Rifkin as “the dentist’s dentist” because many of his patients are dentists themselves. Dentist or not, those who want the best choose Rifkin Cosmetic Dentistry because they can be assured they are receiving preeminent dental care, the latest in technology, and a lifetime of custom, natural-looking smiles.

“Knowledge is to be cultivated and shared.” Dr. Laurence Rifkin

Dental Industry Leader

With over 70,000 dental cases to his credit, and the unique positioning of being a leading aesthetic authority to the medical community at large, Dr. Rifkin is a dentist other dentists study as they perfect their practices. His aesthetic expertise is held in such incontrovertible esteem that he is requested to educate cosmetic surgeons—not just dentists—on the finer points of aesthetic mastery.

The Suite Life

‘Suite 1200’ was created when Dr. Rifkin sensed a need in the Beverly Hills dental community for a professional, yet intimate learning environment. The Suite captures the spirit of the classic academic “salon,” providing an atmosphere that is at once intellectually rigorous and interpersonally warm. Of extreme benefit also, is the Suite’s intentionally unpretentious ambience, which fosters a sense of community and camaraderie among doctors seeking continuing education.

In his ongoing Lecture Series in Suite 1200, Dr. Rifkin offers a curriculum focusing on the harmony between dento-facial aesthetics and seamless function. He also makes the space available for other professionals who wish to share their knowledge in this innovative educational environment.

Aesthetic Authority

In a larger forum, as a speaker/educator and as one of the few dentists selected to be a member of the prestigious American Academy of Cosmetic Surgery, Dr. Rifkin shares his extensive wisdom and insight regarding facial beauty, aesthetics, art and medicine before an audience of world’s greatest aesthetic doctors.

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