Beverly Hills cosmetic dentist Dr. Laurence Rifkin has attracted a meticulously trained and extensively skilled dental team. Each outstanding member of his hand-selected team has at least 15 to 20 years of experience, and his clinical chair side assistants are RDAEF (Registered Dental Assistant with Extended Functions) certified.

Elite Team

Continuing education is a mainstay for these passionate dental professionals.

In addition to hiring the most qualified staff, Dr. Rifkin assures that his patients receive the best possible care by recognizing the importance of team dynamics and the role synergy plays in delivering the best possible patient experience—from the first hello, to the successful completion of your smile enhancement and beyond.

Dr. Rifkin is such a well-versed and gifted team leader that he educates other dentists, oral surgeons and medical professionals on the art of professional team building.

I truly have a dream team. I’m very blessed to have such talented, skilled and funny people surrounding me. They make this practice what it is because our patients are getting some of the best care in the world while enjoying every moment of it.” Dr. Laurence Rifkin

Meet the Beverly Hills cosmetic dentistry team Dr. Rifkin has come to call family…


Front Office

Meagan Cayasso – Patient Concierge and Marketing Liason

She comes to with 15 years experience in dental consulting and practice management. Her cheerful demeanor and positive mindset are a welcome addition to our office. She is here to help ensure our patients receive the top echelon of service and care.

Jessie Liu – RDAEF II
Registered Dental Assistant with Expanded Functions

Jessie Liu is one of Dr. Rifkin’s two exceptionally qualified clinical assistants.  She graduated from UCLA and is as RDAEF2, which means she has the highest level of training a dental assistant can receive.  Jessie has over a decade of experience in dentistry and in patient care and is as caring as she is skilled and a wonderful part of Dr. Rifkin’s team of professionals

Laura Alvarez – RDAEF
Registered Dental Assistant with Expanded Functions

Laura works closely with Dr. Rifkin, supporting him with her 25 years of professional experience in all phases of clinical and surgical dentistry. Laura has furthered her training and completed the EF program at UCLA. On a personal note, she has an adorable granddaughter that makes Laura light up when she talks about her.  

Sue Volonde – Hygienist

Patients adore Sue’s gentle and mild manner.  She is the main dental hygienist in Dr. Rifkin’s practice, and has been working with him since 1990.  In addition to her decades of experience, Sue has maintained her dedication to continuing education throughout her tenure.  When she’s not at work, Sue likes to go camping in the desert with her husband Mike, as well as spend time with her daughter and granddaughter.

Elite In-House Specialists

Dr. Yana Shampansky - Invisalign Specialist

Dr. Yana Shampansky is one of the most experienced Invisalign providers in the world among general dentists.  She has a lifetime count of more than 1,200 Invisalign cases, and was awarded Elite Provider status by Invisalign in 2005, the first year the ranking system was implemented.

After graduating from the USC School of Dentistry in 2001, Dr. Shampansky started her career as a general dentist, and in 2002 was certified to offer Invisalign.  She instantly fell in love with the results of this cosmetic dentistry service because of the unbeatable results it offered her patients.

Having found her passion in this niche, Dr. Shampansky received the highest level of Invisalign training available before joining Dr. Rifkin’s world-renowned dental practice in 2010.

Jogi Kern – Master Ceramist

Jogi (pronounced Yo-ghee) is a master ceramist from Freiburg Germany.  The collaborative exchange between Jogi and Dr. Rifkin assures Dr. Rifkin’s patients receive beautifully executed and durably engineered designs that have met the resolute standards of both of these skilled artisans.  Enhancing the power of their collaboration is their proximity.  Jogi’s Zahnwerstatt Dental Laboratory is based in the same building as Dr. Rifkin’s practice.

Melanie Clark – Consultant

Melanie is a keenly skilled coach consulting with professionals to take their lives and businesses to the next level.  She works very closely with Dr. Rifkin and his entire team to constantly evolve the practice.  Melanie has 29 years’ experience in the dental industry.

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