About Dr. Rifkin

Dr. Laurence Rifkin’s reassuring presence, soft touch and meticulous attention to detail reveal the heart of what makes him unmatched in his profession – pure humanitarianism. Few in the world possess as proud a reputation for consistently creating the world’s finest smiles, and none manage it with Dr. Rifkin’s heartfelt level of personal care.

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A Sparkling Connection

That giddy, exuberant, butterflies-in-your-stomach feeling. That’s what Dr. Rifkin’s patients experience when they look in the mirror at their brand new smiles. For over three decades, Dr. Rifkin has been creating living works of art – custom smiles that not only fit the unique faces and personalities of the wearers, but also accentuate, beautify and vivify them. Results this dynamic can only be brought to life by the inspired vision and gifted hand of a true artist.

70,000 and Counting…

That’s the number of individuals who have sought and received world-class care at Rifkin Cosmetic Denistry. The exceptional reputation of Laurence Rifkin, DDS, is only one motivation for the popularity of his practice. Unsurpassed client experience is another. Clearly though, the truest measure of his success and the primary reason for the popularity of his practice is a single factor that eclipses the sum of all others – exemplary results.

Please feel free to explore more about Dr. Rifkin’s work, who we are and how you can experience the exhilaration of receiving your very own bespoke smile.

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