Curriculum Vitae Laurence R. Rifkin D.D.S.


Art Studio: Marina Del Rey, California
Practice Location: Beverly Hills, California



Undergraduate: California State University at Long Beach, 1968-1972.
Professional degree: University of Southern California School of Dentistry, 1972-1976, D.D.S. degree.


A general dental practice emphasizing facial, Dento-facial aesthetics, full mouth prosthodontics, cosmetic dentistry and periodontal implant prosthodontics and microscope enhanced dentistry.

The practice is dedicated to comprehensive dental care including prevention, conservative dentistry to aesthetic and full mouth rehabilitation. Creating and maintaining a “team” approach to dental and Dento-facial aesthetic which includes specialists in dentistry and cosmetic facial reconstructive and plastic surgical enhancements for optimal individual improvements in anatomical form and self-esteem.


University of Southern California

Porcelain to Metal Restorations
Restorative Dentistry and Full Mouth Rehabilitation
Prosthetic Repairs and Salvaging the Periodontally Terminal Dentition
Theory and Practice of Ceramo-Metal Restorations
Orthodontics and Cephalometrics
Osseointegration and Implant Prosthodontics Branemark Course

Stuart Gnathological Seminars (Charles Stuart and Peter K. Thomas)

Cusp Fossa Waxing Technique
Science of Occlusion
Gnathology (Basic and Advanced Science)
Partial Dentures
Surgical Orthodontics
Cast Gold Restorations
Clinical Course in Gnathology
Gnathological Procedures in Oral Reconstruction
Porcelain Veneer bonding and Aesthetic Dentistry

University of California, San Francisco

Removable Partial Denture Design (APM Sterngold)

Continuing educational courses

Too numerous to list between 1976 to Present but encompassing all aspects of restorative, surgical, orthodontic, implant dentistry as well as adjunctive specialties of cosmetic surgery, neurotoxins and dermal fillers for facial pain management and enhancement of the soft tissue profile of patient’s smiles.

MEMBERSHIPS (past and present)

American Dental Association
California Dental Association
Western Dental Society
Los Angeles Dental Society
American Academy of Esthetic Dentistry
European Academy of Esthetic Dentistry
American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry (1993 Program Chairman, Los Angeles Chapter)
Newport Harbor Academy of Dentistry
Southern California Academy of Osseointegration
European Academy of Osseointegration
Los Angeles Dental Society
Academy of General Dentistry
Los Angeles Gnathological Study Group
Stuart Gnathological Study Group
U.S.C. Century Club
International Academy of Gnathology
Central Association of Dentists and Physicians (1991 Program Chairman)
Study Club for Oral Facial Research (Vice President, Secretary)
International Academy for Dental-Facial Esthetics, Fellowship
Advanced Treatment Planning Study Group of Beverly Hills
American Academy of Cosmetic Surgeons
Academy of Microscope Enhanced Dentistry


AMED (Academy of Microscope Enhanced Dentistry), Board Member.

AMED (Academy of Microscope Enhanced Dentistry), President through 2017.


Clinical studies in Gnathological rehabilitation directly with Dr. Charles Stuart and Dr. Peter K. Thomas utilizing the Stuart Analog Computer. 1977-1985.


International Academy of Gnathology: Mexico City 1977.
Subject: Oral Rehabilitation

Third National Congress of Prosthodoncia: Huánuco Peru 1978
Subject: Fixed Dental Prosthodontics

Loma Linda University School of Dentistry: Loma Linda, California.
Subject: Cusp Fossa Waxing

California Dental Association Annual State Meeting: Anaheim, California 1979.
Subject: Gnathology, Table Clinician

International Academy of Gnathology, IX Congress: San Diego, California 1979.
Subject: Tooth Preparation.

National Congress of Dental Maxillo-Facial Prosthodontics: Lima, Peru 1979.
Subject: Full Mouth Reconstruction.

Gnathological Association of South America: Rio de Janeiro, Brazil 1980.
Subject: Full Mouth Reconstruction.

Eisenhower Hospital, Annenberg Center: Palm Springs, California 1986.
Subject: Reconstructive and Aesthetic Dentistry.

Study Club for Oral Facial Research: Santa Monica, California 1990.
Subject: Composite and Porcelain Bonding.

Roth-Williams Ortho-Prosthodontic Seminar: Burlingame, California 1991.
Subject: Aesthetic considerations in Full Mouth Restorative Dentistry.

Enhance Your Image Seminar: San Diego, California 1991.
Subject: The Art of Dentistry and Dental Facial Aesthetics.
(A combined lecture of Dentistry and Plastic Surgery)

Eisenhower Hospital, Annenberg Center: Palm Springs, California 1991.
Subject: Advanced Dental Facial Aesthetics.

Central Association of Dentists and Physicians: Aspen, Colorado 1991.
Subject: The Art of Aesthetic Dentistry.

Beverly Hills Study Club: Beverly Hills, California 1992,
Subject: Dento-Facial Aesthetic Treatment Planning.

Laguna Gnathological Study Club: Rancho Mirage, California 1992.
Subject: Three Dimensional Lip Reproduction and Dental Aesthetics.

Southern California Society of Osseointegration: Newport Beach, California 1993.
Subject: Comprehensive Dental Esthetics and Three-dimensional Lip Reproduction.

Society of Odontologica and Prostodoncia: Mexico City, Mexico, January 1994.
Subject: Comprehensive Aesthetic Treatment Planning, Three Dimensional Lip Reproduction and Aesthetic Single Tooth Implant Restorations.

California Dental Association: Anaheim California, April 1994.
Subject: “Masterpieces in Miniature”. Dental Art and Science. How to see like and Artist. Three Dimensional Communication, Comprehensive Aesthetic Treatment Planning, Single Tooth Implant restorations.

Beverly Hills Study Club: Beverly Hills, California 1995.
Subject: Single Tooth Implant Restorations and the DIA Abutment system.

American Academy of Esthetic Dentistry: West Palm Beach, Florida, August 1995.
Subject: “The Art of Three Dimensional Esthetic Communication”
Utilizing a three-dimensional Multi Reference Communication System and Sequence including lip reproduction technique for restorative, Orthognathic and Implant dentistry.

Colorado Society of Prosthodontists: Denver, Colorado, February 1997
Subject: “Comprehensive Esthetic and Restorative Rehabilitation”.

California Dental Association: Anaheim, California, April 1997
Subject: “Comprehensive Aesthetic Dentistry”.

European Academy of Aesthetic Dentistry: Cannes, France, May 1997
Subject: “The Art of Three Dimensional Esthetic Communication”.

Brazilian Academy of Osseointegration: Sao Paulo, Brazil, May 1997
Subject: “Aesthetic Restorative and Implant Dentistry”.

UCLA Esthetics Dental Study Club: Los Angeles, California, July 1997
Subject: “Three Dimensional Aesthetics...Imagination and Knowledge!”

UCLA Alumni Meeting: UCLA, November 1997
Subject: “Esthetics: The Danger Zone”

Michelangelo Seminars: Beverly Hills, California, March 1998
Subject: "Creating Natural Beauty".

Rifkin Continuum Seminars: Chicago Illinois May 1998.
Subject: "Comprehensive Esthetic and Implant Rehabilitation".

Ohio State University: Columbus, Ohio
Subject: "Aesthetics, Implants, and Restorative Dentistry", June 5, 1998.

British Society of Occlusal Studies: Stradford, England, July 1998
Subject: "The Art and Science of Aesthetic Prosthodontics".

UCLA Esthetic Continuum: Los Angeles, California, August 1998
Subject: "The Art and Science of Aesthetic Reconstruction".

Dallas Mid-Winter Dental Clinic Meeting, Dallas Convention Center, March 1999.
Subject: "The Nature of Esthetics"

UCLA Esthetic Continuum: Los Angeles, California, November 1999
Subject: "Aesthetic Reconstruction in the year 2000".

Dutch Academy of Esthetic Dentistry, Amsterdam, Holland, October 1999.
Subject: “A Century of Aesthetics in Dentistry”, all day.

Brazilian Academy of Esthetic Dentistry, Rio de Janeiro, May 2000
Subject: “Creating Natural Beauty”.

American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry, San Francisco, May 2000
Subject: “Implant Aesthetics...A Restorative and Surgical Perspective”.

UCLA Aesthetic Continuum, Los Angeles, California, May 2000
Subject: “Optimal Dento-Facial Aesthetics”.

Northern California Academy of Dentistry, Sacramento, October 2001
Subject: “Aesthetic and Restorative Dentistry in the new Millennium”.

Southwest Dental Conference, Dallas Texas, Jan 2002
Subject: “Aesthetic Prosthodontics”

Chicago Dental Society, Chicago, Illinois, Feb 2002
Subject: “Implant Aesthetics, a Restorative Perspective”

University of Zurich Dental Faculty, Zurich, Switzerland, June 2002
Subject: “Advanced Dental-Facial Aesthetics in Prosthodontics”

American Academy of Cosmetic Surgeons, Westminster, Colorado, October 6, 2002.
Subject: “Sculpting the Human Body...An Artist’s Perspective”

Society of Japanese Clinical Dentistry, Westminster, South Coast Plaza, California, August 14, 2003.
Subject: “Facial Aesthetics and Plastic Surgery”.

International Academy of Gnathology, Santa Fe, New Mexico, September 18, 2003,
Subject: “Creating Natural Beauty”.

Southwest Dental Conference, Dallas, Texas, January 8, 2004,
Subject: “Beyond Smile Design...Treating the Face and Patient”.

Academy of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery, San Francisco, California, September 30, 2004, combined lecture with Dr.’s Dennis Tarnow, Michael Block, and Anthony Sclar.
Subject: “Replacement of Two Adjacent Maxillary Anterior Teeth with Implants”.

Cosmetic Surgery Expo, Los Angeles Convention Center, Los Angeles, California

Advanced Treatment Planning Study Group, Beverly Hills California, February 2005
Subject: “Maxillary Anterior Implant Aesthetics and Endodontic Coronal Seal”

Cosmetic Surgery 2005, January 2005, Century City, California
Subject: “Inter-specialty Dental-Facial Aesthetics”

Cosmetic Surgery 2005, August 2005, Newport Beach, California
Subject: “Inter-specialty Dental-Facial Aesthetics”

North Dakota Dental Society, Fargo, North Dakota, September 2005
Subject: “Comprehensive Aesthetic and Implant Supported Dentistry”

USC Dental School, Los Angeles, California, March 8, 2006
Subject: “Advanced Aesthetic Concepts and Techniques”

Academy of Osseointegration, Seattle, Washington, National Meeting, March 17, 2006
Subject: “Fixed Implant Reconstruction: Abutments, Provisionals and Definitive Prostheses”

Academy of Osseointegration, Seattle, Washington, National Meeting, March 18, 2006
Subject: Implant Esthetics...Keys to Predictable Esthetic and Functional Success:

Academy of Osseointegration, Seattle, Washington, National Meeting, March 18, 2006
Subject: Complex Implant Rehabilitation

Jamaican Dental Association, Ocho Rios, Jamaica, Annual Meeting, February 17, 2007
Subject: Three dimensional aesthetics...Imagination and knowledge

SEPES (Scientific Society of Prosthetic in Spain), Madrid, Spain, April 21, 2007
Subject: “Protesis Esteticas” (Esthetic Prosthodontics)

AMED (Academy of Microscope Enhanced Dentistry), Annual Meeting, November 8-10, 2007
Subject: “The Endo-Implant Paradigm: Are we on the right track?”

AACS (American Academy of Cosmetic Surgery). Annual Meeting, January 20, 2008.
Subject: Lecture 1: “Art 101: Merging Art and Cosmetic Surgery” and Lecture 2: “A Sculptor’s View of the Aesthetic Face and Body”

OSCSC (Osseointegration Study Club of Southern California), September 26, 2008
Subject: “Comprehensive predictability assessment in restoring natural teeth vs. dental implants”.

Zurich Dental Faculty Lecture, Invited lecture, July 3-4, 2009.
Subject: “Changing Faces of Dentistry with Implants”

AMED (Academy of Microscope Enhanced Dentistry), November 2010
Subject: “Macro and Microscopic Aesthetic Dental Art”

BSAD (Brazilian Society of Aesthetic Dentistry), November 2011, Rio de Janeiro
Subject: “The Art of Macro, Micro, and 3-Dimesional Aesthetic Dentistry”

AMED (Academy of Microscope Enhanced Dentistry), Nov 10-12, 2011
Subject: “The Management of Gingival Aesthetics in Natural Teeth and Implants”

AACS (American Academy of Cosmetic Surgery), January 16, 2014, Ft. Lauderdale, Florida.
Subject: “Dento-Labial Harmony through Cosmetic Dentistry and Injectibles”

EAED (European Academy of Esthetic Dentistry), Athens, Greece, May 29, 2014.
Subject: “Dento-Labial Harmony through Cosmetic Dentistry and Injectibles”

CASC (California Academy of Cosmetic Surgery), Newport Beach, California, October 24, 2014.
Subject: “Dento-Labial Harmony through Cosmetic Dentistry and Injectibles”

AMED (Academy of Microscope Enhanced Dentistry), Baltimore, Maryland, November 14, 2014
Subject: “Dento-Labial Harmony through Cosmetic Dentistry and Injectibles”

IFED (International Federation of Esthetic Dentistry), Cape Town, South Africa, November 2015.
Subject: “Dento-Labial Harmony through Cosmetic Dentistry and Injectibles”

Public Seminars

Panel of Facial Esthetic Doctors, Beverly Hills Hotel, Beverly Hills, California, June 28, 2003
Subject: “Makeover Secrets of the Hollywood Stars”.

Meet the Media, Regent Beverly Wilshire Hotel, Beverly Hills, California, January 20, 2007
Subject: Cosmetic Update 2007. “Beyond the Smile...a Dentist’s Perspective”

Marinello Beauty School: November 2013
Subject: “Dento-Labial Harmony through Cosmetic Dentistry and Injectables”


  • Former Associate Clinical Professor University of Southern California School of Dentistry, Department of Occlusion 1982 and 1983.
  • Co-founder director and lecturer of Michelangelo Seminars, Beverly Hills, California. Course participation by students, dentists, and professors, from Europe, South America, Asia and the United States.
  • Former faculty member at the UCLA Center for Esthetic Dentistry.
  • Founder and lecturer of Suite 1200 seminars, a combined study of dental and facial cosmetic surgery and dermatology for optimal total facial rejuvenation and beauty.
  • Web lecturer for as part of a group of dental “XPerts”.


The Journal of Esthetic Dentistry, 1993 May/June.
Subject: “A Facial/Lip Reproduction System for Anterior Restorations”

Current Opinion in Cosmetic Dentistry, Third Edition, 1995 Annual Journal.
Subject: “A new esthetic impression system”

Practical Periodontics and Aesthetic Dentistry, March 1998.
Subject: "Maxillary Reconstruction using a Second Generation Fiber Reinforced Resin."

Practical Periodontics and Aesthetic Dentistry, Clinical Realities, April 1999
Subject: “Single tooth implant. Treatment planning for optimal aesthetics.

Profit Margin, Montage Media, November, 1999
Subject: “Capitalizing on the MPDx Digital Radiography System”

Orthodontic Products Magazine, April 2000
Subject: “Orthodontic and Restorative Enhancements for the Optimal Smile and Face.

Anti-Aging and Cosmetic Surgery Magazine, July-August 2000
Subject: “Creating Beautiful Smiles”.

Anti-Aging and Cosmetic Surgery Magazine, Dec-Jan 2000-2001
Subject: “Artistic Communication for the Optimal Smile”.

Anti-Aging and Cosmetic Surgery Magazine, July-Aug 2001
Subject: “A Great Smile is Power”

Cosmetic Surgery Times Magazine, Jan/Feb 2002, Vol. 5, No. 1
Subject: “Physicians Profile”

Anti-Aging and Cosmetic Surgery Magazine, Issue 6,
Subject: “The Perfect Smile is in the Detail”

Anti-Aging and Cosmetic Surgery Magazine, Issue 7.
Subject: “Beautiful Smile...Beautiful Face”

Contemporary Esthetics, February, 2004, Vol 8, Co-Author Robert G. Rifkin D.D.S.
Subject: "Restoring Vertical Dimension to Improve Function, Facial Harmony”

Referenced in Publications

International Journal of Dental Symposia, Implantologie 1998: 1: 11-23

Esthetic Ceramic Restorations, Touati, Miara, et al, 1999.

Professional articles.

Section Editor

World Dentistry, Internet Magazine, Aesthetic and Restorative dentistry

JICAD, board of advisors website professional journal

Editorial Advisory Board Member

Dental Editorial Advisory board member of “New Beauty Magazine and past “Esthetique” magazine.


Team Dentist for the Los Angeles Lakers Basketball Team 1984-1987.


Appearance in local and national broadcast and cable television shows on scientific technology, prevention, facial aesthetics and cosmetic dentistry

KCAL Channel 9 News, August 1999, Plasma Arc Bleaching
Fox 11, October 1999, Digital Radiography
CBS, Women to Women, Current High Tech Teeth Whitening, 2000
E Channel, plastic surgery, and facial esthetics, 2001
EXTRA NBC, Artistic techniques for celebrity smiles 2001, 2002
KCET Channel 13, Caries, and other bacteria spread through saliva and food exchange, 2002
KABC Channel 7, Caries risk assessment test and update on anti caries vaccine to protect individuals and the entire family, 2002
KTTV Channel 11, September 27, 2002, Trial Smile
E Channel, Celebrity Beauty Secrets Revealed, October 21, 2003
E Channel, News, Trial Smile Restorations, August, 2005
E- Entertainment channel, “Trial Smile” for aesthetics
ABC news, IraqStar treatment for injured Marine.
Dr. Drew and Life Changers television documentary of a smile, dental health and life makeover on a patient in severe need of dental care and treatments. 2010. Ongoing treatment follow-up.
Dr. Drew and Life Changers interview at “The Grove” with audience questions and answers. 2010.
Extra interview on influences of various foods on dental and systemic health, 2010.
Radio interview on Health Radio with Dr. De Silva on current dental opinion on silver mercury fillings and other dental restorations. Podcast available.
Dr. Drew’s “Lifechangers” television series and show to rehabilitate a patient with severe dental caries, infection and need for function and aesthetics. October 21, 2011.
Television “Good Morning America”, topic of “Bleachorexia”, December 2014.

Radio Broadcasts

KFWB, News, interview re: Current status of fluoride use. An Update

Website Live Chat Guest

WebMD, “Creating Beautiful Smiles with Facial Harmony”, July 28, 2000.

Website news publications

Reuters Health News Service
“Kissing and the spread of cavity causing bacteria”

Oh, what beautiful teeth
Current trends in cosmetic dentistry (interview)

Beauty Factor. TV
“Perfect Teeth...Creating a Hollywood Smile”

Magazine Mentions and Articles

Women on Top
For Him Magazine
First for Women
Self magazine
Health magazine
Vogue (interview)
Solutions (interview)
In Style (interview)
Vogue Magazine January 2004
New Beauty Magazine, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014
Los Angeles Times newspaper
Anti-Aging and Cosmetic Surgery Magazine
Esthetique Magazine
Cosmetic Surgery Times Magazine

Movie Credits

“The Hangover” 2009, dentist for leading actor, Ed Helms, including special dental effects.

Charity and Volunteer Activity

IraqStar: A non-profit organization of doctors, nurses and personnel providing reconstructive and cosmetic medical and surgical services to injured military personnel during combat. Provided emergency and non-emergency dental services to injured marines.

R.A.W. (Rebuilding America’s Warriors): A non-profit organization of doctors, nurses and personnel providing reconstructive and cosmetic medical and surgical services to injured military personnel during combat. Provided emergency and non-emergency dental services to injured marines.

Face Forward: A non-profit organization of doctors, nurses and personnel providing reconstructive and cosmetic medical and surgical services to victims of domestic violence. Provided emergency and non-emergency dental services to injured victims of domestic violence.

Mia St. John Foundation: A foundation also called "El Saber Es Poder/Knowledge Is Power" to empower our youth by providing educational material, equipment and development of Health & Wellness programs. Volunteered and performed supportive financial serviced, donated dental services to the foundation and underprivileged children.

Professional Sculptor

Dr. Laurence R. Rifkin is a professional artist and sculptor. Studied drawing, oil painting and sculpture in the United States (California State College at Long Beach, Brentwood Art Center) and Europe (France, studied with Martine Vaugel). Sculptures appeared in Art Shows and Galleries, Art Expos, private collections and Hotels in California, Santa Fe New Mexico, New York City, Sao Paolo, Brazil, and Paris, France.


Represented by:
The Victor Salmones Gallery in Beverly Hills, California and Acapulco, Mexico.
The Khadourie Art Gallery of Santa Fe, New Mexico.

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