The Artist

Dr. Laurence Rifkin’s international renown is based on his unparalleled ability to create natural-looking smiles personalized to each client’s unique facial features. His extraordinary artistic talent and training as a sculptor his extensive experience in facial aesthetics and his skilled use of a dental operating microscope (a rare practice with cosmetic dentists) helps him create the believable smiles his patients love him for.

Dentistry, Fine Art & Personal Expression


Smiling unabashedly.  Your inner radiance is amplified by the subtle, artistic enhancements to your smile.  Light dances on the contoured lines of each tooth.  A gleaming hint of translucence adds depth and opulence.  Scale, balance and texture have all been carefully coaxed into a state of harmonic perfection.

You can rest easy.  Express yourself with abandon.  Your smile is perfect.

As a dentist, sculptor, and perfectionist, Dr. Rifkin spares no degree of focus or effort in securing ideal results for his patients.

It is the nature of an artist to concern himself with all aspects of form.  When that artist is also an evolved aesthetic dentist with several decades’ experience, the results you receive are nothing short of phenomenal.

“Excellence is my muse.” -Laurence Rifkin, DDS

As a sculptor, Dr. Rifkin revels in achieving resonance with the beauty of nature as he creates exquisite interpretations of the human anatomy.  This artistic passion is a gift he also shares with his patients, along with...

  • Over three decades of crafting couture smiles
  • Proficient attention to detail
  • Two decades as a master sculptor
  • Affinity, care and respect for his patients

See more of Dr. Rifkin's sculptures at

Celebrity and Non-Celebrity Clients… Same Artistic Touch

Countless celebrities rely on Dr. Laurence Rifkin’s artistic talent to create enchanting smiles that benefit them both on and off-screen.

With the advent of HD cameras, it is more crucial than ever that an actor’s dentistry be undetectable.  Hear why Actress Debi Mazar (Entourage, Goodfellas) chooses Dr. Rifkin to maintain her unique and famous smile.

Artistry Recognized Around the World

Laurence Rifkin, DDS, is a celebrated fine artist whose work is internationally represented and collected.  His work is currently displayed on three different continents, and in many cosmopolitan cities, including:

  • Paris
  • Rio de Janeiro
  • New York
  • Santa Fe
  • Beverly Hills

Artistry Recognized On Screen

There’s a good chance you’ve seen Dr. Rifkin’s artistic dental approach on screen and heard about it on the radio.  He has made numerous appearances on television, radio and the Internet as an educator and expert cosmetic dental resource.

You can see how he worked with actor Ed Helms to create the knocked-out tooth Helms’ character has in The Hangover. 

He has also been featured in popular, professional and scientific journals and publications.  He is currently on the Editorial Board of Dental Advisors for New Beauty Magazine.

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