Dental Implants Procedure

Dental implants are the best way to replace a missing tooth with a near-identical alternative. Dr. Laurence Rifkin is widely considered the best implant dentist Beverly Hills has to offer. This is because Dr. Rifkin has spent 40 years developing his unique Rifkin Method. The Rifkin Method is an experience that will make you rethink the way you consider dental medicine. When it comes to crafting the perfect dental implant for you, there is no better choice than Dr. Rifkin.

What to Expect from the Dental Implants Process

Consultation and Treatment Planning

The Rifkin Method begins with an individual consultation with Dr. Rifkin. During this consultation, Dr. Rifkin will listen to your concerns and perform a comprehensive examination of your teeth. He will also assess the shape and structure of your lips, mouth, cheekbones, and other facial features. This allows him to make a personalized treatment plan that provides you with the perfect smile to light up your face and transform your appearance.

Treating planning often includes the creation of dental impressions, wax mock-ups, sketches, and digital models of the final result. This allows Dr. Rifkin to work collaboratively with patients to create a smile they’ll love.

Creation of the Custom Dental Implant

The Rifkin Method is unlike any other approach. More than 99% of cosmetic dentists outsource the creation of their dental crowns. They send impressions or mock-ups to an outside laboratory, passing materials back and forth until they look correct. Unfortunately, this process is vulnerable to error and inefficiency.

In contrast, Dr. Rifkin is committed to creating the perfect dental crowns for his patients. As a result, he maintains an in-house laboratory that creates dental implants on site. Dr. Rifkin employs a dental ceramics specialist with whom he personally works to craft custom dental implants. An accomplished fine artist, Dr. Rifkin has both the technical precision and the artist’s eye for beauty that sets him apart from his peers. His dental implants work has won awards for its perfection.

Dental Work to Place the Implant

The process of receiving a dental implant begins with placement of a small titanium post into the bone socket. The jawbone then heals around this implant, creating a secure anchor for the crown. This healing process can take up to 12 weeks, so Dr. Rifkin will create a natural, attractive temporary tooth to hide the imperfection in the meantime. This temporary tooth is of the finest quality available, ensuring that others will not notice your missing tooth. However, it is less durable than the final dental implant.

After the implant has healed, Dr. Rifkin places a small post that will hold the dental crown in place. He uses a microscope assisted approach to affix the dental crown in place. This allows him to tightly control the placement of the crown, make minute adjustments to its location within the mouth, and ensure that your resulting smile is perfect. Dr. Rifkin is one of very few dentists in the country who have been trained to use this dental microscope. This skill makes him one of the best implant dentists.

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Dental Implants

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