Technical Data

  • $64,000 New for XL Standard Model
  • $60,000 New for Standard Model
  • $45,000 New for Basic Model (Available Summer 2019)

  • Power Supply: 208-240V, 50-60Hz
  • Nominal Power Intake: 300W
  • During Drying: 3500W
  • Dimensions (H/W/D)
  • Reg.: 91in x 37in x 69in
  • XL: 91in x 37in x 72in
  • Cryosauna Weight: 1056lbs
  • Max Temperature: +176F
  • Min Temperature: -320F
  • Parameters shown on Cabin display

  • Product Brochure

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Indirect nitrogen exposure. Efficient use of nitrogen in the 5 to 10 liters of nitrogen depending upon usage. Sealed enclosure for neck and below. Our top pick of all saunas available due to safety features, consistent experience, and plug and play components. Automatic drying each morning and between all sessions. Also contains oxygen sensor in the machine making this our top safety pick of cryo saunas. Included in purchase is 1 scheduled service visit at 1 year to investigate machine and replace any necessary parts.

Can be pushed back to 18 months by mutual consensus. Only downside is that after 2 years of warranty coverage you must begin replacing oxygen sensors every 24 months. Manufactured in Spain. Serviced in USA by us.


Comes in three crates we assemble for you on site. Delivery time varies from 3 weeks to 6 weeks. Training on site.