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We began in 2014 with our founder Dale Montross (cryodady) used the first cryo sauna in the United States to help heal his knee. He paid $500 for 10 sessions and was able to recover quickly and play basketball after work like he used to do.

This miraculous recovery inspired Dale to begin importing CryoSaunas that were later featured on Dr. Oz, placed with Nike at their prestigious training institute in Seattle, and to the New York Knicks. In 2015 we decided to open to our first CryoZone in Dallas, Texas. In 2016 we opened in Santa Monica, CA.

In 2019 we sold the last of our Texas stores to our original operating partners to focus exclusively on our California business and machine sales. We’ve learned a few things, we’ve used every major machine being sold in the United States, and we’re happy to share information. Download our insiders report on the Cryotherapy Industry below.

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